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Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Not interested in private sessions?  Sports Yoga Hawaii offers small group sessions as well.  Click here to view our class schedule.


What others have to say

"Sports Yoga Hawaii is inventive…after a few sessions, I could really notice the difference in my daily performance, from waking up earlier to not having as much tension in my back."

- Kaipo T

"David's teaching method is consistent and direct…I had a great time, and my body is stronger and more flexible" – Naomi C

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Have you ever gone to a yoga class where they played
that weird new wave music or no music at all?
Our clients say our music is what sets us a part from the rest.

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find out what kind of music we play.

Why Sports Yoga Hawaii?

Truth is, between that boring new-age music, overly zenned-out instructors, and sloth like poses that leave you thinking, “this can’t possibly be a workout,” you’re probably not a fan of yoga. That is until you try Sports Yoga Hawaii.

Designed by athletes and custom-made for sports enthusiasts, these classes are far from your typical yoga practice.

Are you more of a spectator than a player? Get off the bench or out of the stands and try one of our Sports Yoga classes. We offer a heart pumping, muscle burning, sweat flowing Sports Performance class. An Injury Prevention session that’ll leave you feeling limber, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. And we didn’t forget about you older folks either…we have a special Sports YogaFit session designed for those of you who, lets just say are no longer in our younger years.

Whether you’re on the field, on the bench or even in the stands, Sports Yoga Hawaii will help you achieve your goals one pose at a time.